Time to get real

October 17, 2012





Thought in action

Cycle completion

Seeing the result

More action

More cycles

Culmination in celebration

Back to square one





Ground Zero

July 19, 2010

Done this, DONE that too,

Been there and going places,

Known the ways

Like the back of my hand;

Scaled those huge peaks

By skill, sweat and help,

And when I look above

I have been nowhere

but was standing all along on



February 17, 2010

[Intro to my portfolio]
Dream by day,
Dream by night,
Dream all the time,
More dreams for the Dreamer.
Then came a time,
What was true and not the dream
Was not known.
But realised to see;
His dreams come true,
Happy was he to know
Dream was all he had to do
Welcome to my dreams

The Impressionist

October 19, 2009

Not from the era of Renaissance,

Nor French was he;

Numbers he would see

Jumbled they would be,

Pencil in his hand

Itched to make something grand,

Grand he did make thrice

To know where his heart lies,

More of the ‘grand’

Would make no grand

So he thought “grander”;

Not the one to paint

But the one to make;

Make impressions on their minds,

This is what he is:


Get it all

October 17, 2009

Always wanted to do that,

That something like a wish,

Wish like “wish I could….”

Had all those watches

Never the time;

Once time struck right

To read:


I have known,


To get it all

I have to do it all

But I do it all

And I know I will


Time to hear some….

September 18, 2009

Music…the whole world is crazy about it…it is a universal phenomenon. But how many times have we “heard”  music rather than listened? Do we know what music actually is? Often do we confuse music and songs; rather music and lyrics.

Music is the voice of an instrument. It isn’t the same; it is like the accent people from various places. Even similar instruments don’t sound the same when different people play them. It speaks their mind; their mood: their grief, happiness, anxiety, excitement,pleasure. But often is accompanied by voice of their own to be more expressive.

We underestimate the power of music. Scientifically it does have energy to help us realise its presence. But can’t explain what would happen when the energy is more than required. I would say it becomes your energy. Power to fuel you like nothing else.Nothing to wonder about how musicians can perform for so long on stage with all the singing and few jigs in their gigs.

So why spare your time to listen to “instrumental” than rock or pop or metal. You won’t need to do it actually. Once you become an expert, you will evolve to realise by enlightenment that words won’t matter to make you feel the music. All you need is MUSIC to feel it.  To feel that part of your soul that sounds like that music. You feel yourself in resonance and get into trance. This is when your energy reaches to unexpected levels not just at that moment but even after you have surpassed those moments with your MUSIC.

What seven colours: VIBGYOR is to light;  Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Si-Do or Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa-Da-Ni-Sa is to music. So when you get to mix all those colours we get the purest of all colours WHITE; same way with the combination of all the seven notes we get the purest of all note SILENCE. This one has all the kind of music one would want to hear. The purest music which resonates with all of your soul just like how the rishis and the monks do it.

So if you have listened, try some hearing.

Lava lamp

August 22, 2009

Late into the night

I wake up

To see something shine on the table

To see some light

My Lava Lamp

I just siwtch it on

Keep it on

It goes up and down

Nothing to complain

It knows what I want

Like a rocket ready to launch

Do you have one?