The Karans

March 31, 2009

Read that name of those people in the past

The one which were part of the epics

Both slain for good to be victorious over the evil

One of them cursed to die unarmed by the hands of his brother

For he knew it was his destiny

Famous was he for his generosity

And as a loyal friend

Protected by the ornaments of his ears

This son of  the Sun came to known as Karan

The other was called Kumbh Karan

Woken up from his favourite deep sleep

To sleep forever just for his brother

Grew so big,

To be slain by a Lord.

Heroes they were; not except for a few who knew

But Heroes they were.

May share the name but not the traits

Few in common and others not

Even then this writer would be known as

KARAN which many know not


On seconds thoughts…

March 27, 2009

Thought that it was always someone else to do ‘it’

To ruin those few moments in my life

Happened again and again and assured me that

They all wanted to do it every time I could be happy




Every time I could feel                  H on life

This very life of mine

Then I had to look back to see what i said


Of course it was a life which I owned…given to me by HIM

And so was the lives of those ‘others’

My life would be just mine

Thunderstruck to enlightenment,

I made everything happen in my life

Other played a part I wanted few didn’t

On second thoughts now I can be high on my life

First timer`s first time

March 25, 2009

When the sun doesn’t shine nor the moon light can be seen,

This is the time I choose to write from where the rest of the world is unseen.

The Power of Thought is great,

Great enough to enlighten you to getting you confused

And the most powerful of them winning at the end rules

Reigning for all the time it has

Trying to make sure you are its slave

Long enough until the task completed

Then arose another one

And this time you are much powerful to take it on.

Time shall come when you possess the prowess

To choose…to choose what you want and then

“Thoughts” shall dance and sway the way you did.

Thought this is what my “Thoughts” said

But now I know that this is what “I” have to say.