First timer`s first time

March 25, 2009

When the sun doesn’t shine nor the moon light can be seen,

This is the time I choose to write from where the rest of the world is unseen.

The Power of Thought is great,

Great enough to enlighten you to getting you confused

And the most powerful of them winning at the end rules

Reigning for all the time it has

Trying to make sure you are its slave

Long enough until the task completed

Then arose another one

And this time you are much powerful to take it on.

Time shall come when you possess the prowess

To choose…to choose what you want and then

“Thoughts” shall dance and sway the way you did.

Thought this is what my “Thoughts” said

But now I know that this is what “I” have to say.


3 Responses to “First timer`s first time”

  1. Deepika Says:

    This is truly amazing ,kid. Keep it up and looking fwd to many more from your stable.
    PS: Do you dabble with prose as well?

    • Karan Says:

      I just write what is on my mind…poem or prose
      I just want to get in few things that would truly make some sense
      And thank you so much

  2. Insipidbanana Says:

    Welcome Fellow Noodle!

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