Imperfect Perfections

April 6, 2009

What is Perfect? Define Perfect.

I would say it is something that brings peace to the mind once you are done doing that work called Perfect. But when you attach this word to some other one, the meaning would change. Imagine:

Perfect Life

Perfect Gal(but for what huh?)

Perfect Job

These are just a few…..all of us can come up with more such things that we want to make Perfect or want to have it Perfect. But did you notice all of us think this isn’t possible.  Ever thought why it is so. Even this is my first time as I write here. Answer is simple: We compare what we think that is already Perfect in Life and see how we could make the rest Perfect.

I’ve had the Perfect Parents, Perfect Friends, Perfect Bike Rides(in the past tense now), Perfect Mornings, Few Perfect Days in My Life…..list could go on but my brain says there has got to be something Imperfect.

Of course there are. All of the above are Imperfect in some ways. Neither my Parents nor my Friends are Perfect….they are not GODS nor am I one, to have everything in Life to be Perfect. I feel that way because I love them, I like((d) for my past tensed Rides and Days passed by) soooooooooooooooooooo much that I don’t even care if they are/were Imperfect. Unconditonal love for everything that is mine. Be it my sketches that only I like or even this Blog that very few read. It is all mine and I feel that all of it is Perfect and as I said doing this gives me that peace of mind…that satisfaction to my soul that everything is right in order…..nothing to go wrong any more but just according to me; not what you would think is perfect(yes, no CAPS for this one)

But  imagine how a Perfect Life would be. You would be doing nothing. Imagine that you had all the money you wanted, all the people you wanted, all the love, all the food,all the marks…..implying that I would have to do nothin in Life. All would happen on its own. Scary thoughts if you ask me. I prefer it being the Imperfect Perfections it has.

Being Imperefect is cool because you are someone else’s Perfect.


8 Responses to “Imperfect Perfections”

  1. Kanchi Ramanujam Says:

    karan… this is sooo true… I’m not the best reader, but the way you’ve worded it kept my eyes stuck to it the whole time… two thumbs up to imperfections… 🙂 🙂

  2. Insipidbanana Says:

    You LIAR!


    And I need frequent sacrifice.

    Appease mE!!! APPEASE ME!

  3. Karan Says:

    and how am I to do that??

    • insipidbanana Says:

      Forage the indian educational system for ounces of logic.

      Then wrap aluminium foil around head.

      Place the logic in pile of mud on highway. (The Sacrificial Altar)

      Dance around the sacrifice until I’m summoned.

  4. Darshana Says:

    “Being Imperefect is cool because you are someone else’s Perfect.”
    So does this mean I am your perfect sis 😉 But this is so true 😀

  5. Karan Says:

    Invalid question

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