April 22, 2009

How much did you score back in when you were in class 1???Most of us don’t remember how we even looked back then forget the numbers.But as we grew older this thing called ‘marks’ got so prominent in our lives.When I was in class 11 and 12 my teachers said these were the only two years I needed to work hard like I have never before and the rest of my life would be taken care of.I didn’t believe them then and now I know I am right today.

One mistake we all make is that we think schooling is equivalent to education.Education is totally different from what we think other than the word with all the vowels in it.Education is making a person.It is about empowring a person to think on his own.It gives that ability to see things one couldn’t see before,you know what is right and what is wrong.

So now something for introspection.What is INTELLIGENCE?

Is it how many formulae you can remember?How many dates back in History you can recall?How much more than anyone else can you remember?

Well simple rational and logically thinking tells me that all this is good memory power.It is just that.It is knowledge.

Intelligence is what you do with this knowledge.How are you going to apply those formulae or what you can infer from those events in History.So if you ever thought a 1st ranker is “intelligent”,well the fact is he may actually may not be.And if you had known this back then you are INTELLIGENT.

And my final question for this post:What did you do with those marks you scored?

Mine are just on paper.Others just give it a glance but ask me what I learnt from that.Well I learnt that my marks are just to show how well I can impress someone with my writing skills and not to showcase my Intelligence.

But to top it all no amount of marks can tell you about how good or bad a person is.Intelligence gives you that because you know what is good and what is bad.Intelligence makes you humbler.It gives out a person’s personality in short.In a broader sense it is CHARACTER.

“Intelligence plus character – that is the true goal of education.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

But according to me intelligence with character is what is education.


2 Responses to “35/100”

  1. very well written. needs to be read by the people behind this situation that is ppl who define education. the most imp part of education is the letter “U”. learn about “U” n ur done!!!

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