May 3, 2009

God?How many of have discovered Him?But does he actually exist.In some ways all of do believe in His existence.

Athiests who don’t belive in Him,to disprove His existence have to intially belive in Him and only after unsatisfactory analysis choose to “ignore” His presence but this doesn’t account to not believing in His presence.

So now considering all of us know about His presence,we should even try to know what He actually is.

According to  me,GOD is a step ahead of being good.If you saw a statue of any Hindu diety,it shows the Lord being in perfect physical shape,smiling implying on how happy He is and decorated in beautiful attire.

And we just go to temple to get some peace where we cannot find else where.Well the meaning lies right there.We need to go to a Temple to remind us how Godly we have to be.We have to learn to maintain health,stay happy in all times,lead a beautiful life and then when we have done all of that the Temple is the environment around me in which I live.We are GODs of our own lives.

So the next question is:Why would we need GOD if I were to be Him eventually?

God is one who sets those Standards.He is to lead us into us discovering Him.Without Him we wouldn’t know how to find Him in us.Without Him,we wouldn’t know what is evil or good.He is to enchance ur good to GOD.

If you are Good you can be GOD too.


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