Why so serious?

June 18, 2009

Well I am not someone who would have extended stiched lips and dress up like a clown but that guy made some sense when he says that. ‘Why so serious?’

So what is the answer to that question?Why is everyone so serious?I can’t think of any reason(let me know what your reasons are).

But I did realise most of us enjoy the most when we are not ‘serious’. So why do something that doesn’t give some peace of mind or pleasure……lets have fun.And we surely would enjoy company of people who aren’t serious…so just do others a favour and give them company enjoying.

For no reasons do coaches ask their players to enjoy their games. Chances of one performing are better that way. And going with the non-serious spirit; life sure is comparable to some sport.Play to win;you may lose a few but you win the REST.

SO next time when you got exams or someone who wants to show off asking you question in your viva or when you fail or lose something you always wanted to have; fret not; enjoy because it shall all come back if it has to or may be even get something better.

Seriuosly being serious we all can stop being serious &