July 27, 2009

Since we were born till you get to the end of reading this post, one thing has been prominent: CHANGE. You have become bigger, more intelligent, much more experienced and a lot more that has CHANGED in you. With a little observation, one can see a ‘hang’ in there.May be it is to say that your OLD self  ‘hangs’ itself and you ‘hang on’ to the NEW, better you.

So why do we hear people not wanting to change? May be they are too comfortable to be the way they are?But in some sense they have changed. To have decided to not to change means that they have ‘changed’ to resist change. But how long can one resist change?Is it really possible to not change?

Change is inevitable and for sure to occur not only till one dies but even after death where the body will decompose, form nutrition for some vegetation and be the edible food. The environment within us and outside us doesn’t resist change. More knowledge everyday, more thoughts and more thinking and analysis. This changes all the perception about the previous assumptions.

Changing or being the Change, you do CHANGE.


2 Responses to “Change”

  1. kamalachan Says:

    Like I said – change is the only constant. Once I learned to accept this as truth my life was a lot easier. I used to cry on my birthdays because I didn’t want to ‘get older.’ Which in essence is just a form of change. I’ve always feared it, because it is scary to know that the person you were is gone and a new one is in their place. I think that even if you try not to, you are still changing in more ways than one at any given point. I think this point could be argued on and on and on… But, a very thought provoking topic.

  2. Karan Says:

    yeh I too realised that trying not to change is a change too so trying to avoid it is foolishness of some sorts

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